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**** It's about time for S.P.A.Z. 2013 and our FIFTH YEAR patrolling for zombies on two wheels! ****


The new 2013 Fifth Anniversary S.P.A.Z. Patch and Sticker stuff has commenced on Modern Buddy!

Five years people… Five amazing years!


Greetings everyone! It is that time again when we focus our attention on riding, the weather, and… S.P.A.Z.! 

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the past, first of all. Without all of you this crazy thing would not have come this far. 

I know that a lot has changed, the enthusiasm level has changed, many of us have lost shops in our area and lost scooter friends. But S.P.A.Z. is still alive and kicking. 

Since I pretty much run the thing myself at this point, I go into hibernation during the off season to keep my real life as a normal human afloat. (Barely these days. lol) But the juices are flowing, the zombies are stirring and we are gearing up for 2013 here at S.P.A.Z. HQ! 

Even though we skipped a year due to my health issues, this is our FIVE year anniversary! Can you believe it’s been 5 years!? :D 

To celebrate this event, this years design is going to be… well, I won’t say more, yet. ;) 

But I can say this, there will be stickers and patches. Once I have the design done I will announce it and start taking pre-orders for stickers and the patches. And of course, the patches will be a limited run per usual. 

I hope everyone is doing well and getting excited for more S.P.A.Z. goodness! And I hope to see some new names and faces in the process this year. 

So, that’s it for now… I just wanted to stir you up a little and remind you that I am here, getting ready for the big SPAZ 2013 launch. :D 

More to come… soon…

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The SPAZ 2012 Stickers (first run) have been officially ordered! Expecting arrival around mid month-late month. Yea!

I did a smaller run since these are much cheaper then the patches and I can get more as needed. Everyone who has pre-ordered already will get their stickers as soon as I get them in hand and can get them sent out.

Based on the patches ship time, they will be shipped separately then them. But that’s ok, everyone will still get some love from SPAZ either way :D

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I have the SPAZ blog setup where you can make posts about your rallies, events etc. So feel free to pimp out your local clubs, shops, events, etc!

I’ll approve and send on thru anything relevant. Abusers will be blocked.

Otherwise, SPAZ it up!

Same applies for the DBSC blog. We love to show love for and support all other clubs who are not restrictive regarding their membership. (For example, clubs that allow you to be part of multiple groups, which is good.)

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Photo Set

For Sale: 
Corazzo Speedway, grey with black accent, sized XL/TG, from 2008. 

I hardly wore it, it has been cleaned once and is in great condition. 

I lost a TON of weight and it now is so oversized it’s useless for me. This jacket was meant for people who are larger in size which is why I bought it originally. 

Make me a reasonable offer. I will ship anywhere in the world as long as you cover the shipping.


Stickers are coming!

Yep, I finally got affordable stickers for DBSC.

I’ll post purchasing info soon. Just trying to get the old site moved here first.



Our old site...

I am in the process of moving the website for DBSC to here on Tumblr. I need to migrate any relevant posts over and such but then it will be here instead.

Until then, you can still reach the old site at the link in this post.